Irina Onofrei


With more than 6 years experience, Irina is a database programmer developing financial software products for bank system in Romania. Also, she is the co-founder and the main backend developer of AP.3.

Irina is involved in several DPOS crypto projects as a developer, investor and delegate.

Diana Miron

Front-end & Mobile Developer + UI/UX Designer

Diana has more than 5 years experience on front-end and mobile development, having worked with JavaScript technologies such as ReactJS, ReactNative, AngularJS, Typescript and ES6.

Diana is the co-founder of JSLeague and AP.3, CTO of Mr. Adam, founder of JSgirls community and co-organizer of JSHacks, the biggest JavaScript based Hackathon in Romania. Last year's edition of JSHacks had the Blockchain techology as theme.

Diana is in charge with development, branding and community awareness strategies in Romania

Alina Bejan

Business Strategist & Marketing Manager

Alina finds the right strategies in our projects. She has experience in finding key colaborators and new projects to get involved in.

Alina is a business consultant and team coordinator in the finance and banking areas for more than 6 years.

For over 2 years now, she is an investor and delegate in blockchain space.


Advisors & Partners

Adrian Iftimie

Advisor & Investor

As an advisor and investor of CryptoGirls team, Adrian is in charge of coordinating and advising the team, finding new ideas and initiatives for projects expansion and financing team expenditures. With more than 5 years of experience in crypto space, Adrian is an active investor in crypto and a delegate in multiple DPOS projects. is the most recent project to be part of as ARK Founding Member and Social Media Manager (up until August 2017).

Liviu Cadariu

Partner & Event Manager

Liviu is coordinating all the events happening at TechHub Bucharest and the CEO of Mr. Adam.

He considers that helping the startup tech environment in Bucharest grow and thrive is a truly rewarding experience.

He has previously been a Business Developer in 2 startups, the director of the Warwick Apprentice competition and a Project Manager for Let’s Do It, Romania!, the biggest social movement in the country.