CryptoGirls is very proud to announce its application to run for TRON Super Representative!

1. Official Site

2. Team info

With over 6 years experience in application, mobile and enterprise development, CryptoGirls is a young and dynamic team of developers and business strategists located in Bucharest, Romania.
Our portfolio includes software products developed in various fields of activity such as business and finance, banking, health, human resources, social intelligence, machine learning, e-commerce or design.
We are involved in several DPOS crypto projects as developers, investors and delegates. Our missions as TRON SR are to support growth of the TRON community by organizing meetups and hackathons, spread the word about TRON in Romania and not only and expand our contribution in crypto based on our skills and experience.

3. Social media influence

4. Annual community support plan

CryptoGirls is planning to support TRON community by donating 75% of the total rewards as follows:
- 70% directly to our voters
- 2.5% for initiatives that come in need for the TRON project and community such as organizing livestreams and meetups, developing useful tools for the project and other contributions regarding TRON
- 2.5% for organizing our own meetups and hackathons.
These percentages will be periodically reviewed based on TRON price. We will be transparent with the TRON community and we will announce this kind of changes early enough.
Furthermore, we plan to integrate the most important events and stats regarding TRON into a complete dashboard fully open within the community where people can track the most important TRON metrics such as ranks, votes, pools and many more.
As for the local and international community, CryptoGirls will invest in organizing events, meetups, workshops for developers to increase the awareness of blockchain technology in Romania and Europe and to further develop tools and applications to help and grow the industry.
We as a community, have experience in organizing hackathons, thus our main community event as CryptoGirls is a Blockchain themed, 2days hackathon in Bucharest, Romania for the local enthusiast and professional programmers that want to develop tools for cryptocurrencies, as the local community of people interested in blockchain is on an exponential growth since 2014. We plan to replicate this event in other big cities of Romania such as Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara and Brasov, as there are growing development industry cities
In the near future we will organize at least one international event in East Europe.

5. List of team members

Irina Onofrei

Diana Miron

Alina Bejan

6. Team intros

Irina Onofrei [ Founder]
In TRON SR Irina’s main role is to take care of our servers from purchasing, installing, securing them to periodic maintenance and analyzing new possible configurations and optimizations for continuous expansion.
With more than 6 years experience, Irina is a database programmer developing financial software products for bank system in Romania. Also, she is the co-founder and the main backend developer of  AP.3 .
Irina is involved in several DPOS crypto projects as a developer, investor and delegate.

Diana Miron [Front-end & Mobile Developer & UI/UX Designer]
In TRON SR Diana is in charge with design and maintaining our sites up-to-date.
Diana has more than 5 years experience on front-end and mobile development, having worked with JavaScript technologies.
Diana is the co-founder of JSLeague and AP.3 , CTO of Mr. Adam , founder of JSgirls community and co-organizer of JSHacks , the biggest JavaScript based Hackathon in Romania.

Alina Bejan [Business Strategist & Marketing Manager]
For TRON SR Alina's main roles are to develop our strategies as a team and to take care of our social content.
Alina finds the right strategies in our projects. She has experience in finding key colaborators and new projects to get involved in.
Alina is a business consultant and team coordinator in the finance and banking areas for more than 6 years.
For over 2 years now, she is an investor and delegate in blockchain space.

Adrian Iftimie [Advisor & Investor]
As an advisor and investor of CryptoGirls team, Adrian is in charge of coordinating and advising the team, finding new ideas and initiatives for project expansion and financing team expenditures until achieving forging position and afterwards.
With more than 5 years of experience in crypto space, Adrian is an active investor in crypto and a delegate in multiple DPOS projects. is the most recent project to be part of as ARK Founding Member and Social Media Manager (up until August 2017).

Liviu Cadariu [Partner & Event Manager]
Liviu will be the Master Events Organizer for our TRON meetups and hackathons.
Liviu is coordinating all the events happening at TechHub Bucharest and the CEO of Mr. Adam . He considers that helping the startup tech environment in Bucharest grow and thrive is a truly rewarding experience.
He has previously been a Business Developer in 2 startups, the director of the Warwick Apprentice competition and a Project Manager for Let’s Do It, Romania!, the biggest social movement in the country.

7. Livestream

Please follow our YouTube channel!

8. Meet Up

Our “Develop and spread the word about TRX” strategy includes organizing our first TRON Meetup on 12th June 2018 , raising awareness among blockchain and crypto enthusiasts in Bucharest, follow by a workshop about how to trade and develop technologies and applications powered by TRON. We will aim to actively search for local investors and sponsorship to further spread the word in other Romanian cities. Meetups will be focused on discussions, brainstorming ideas of tool development and product creation within the community.

9. Community promotion efforts

We have created a TRON community facebook page in order to grow interest in TRON project in Romania. All of our events and important news from official TRON facebook page are going to be posted on this page:

10. Testable nodes

We've created several testabe nodes on official testnet and pubic testnet and participated in the first two rehearsals as GR.

11. Plans for hardware expansion

During the first month of producing blocks as a TRON SR, CryptoGirls will comply with the recommended configuration of the main server and periodically add nodes to directly participate in ensuring the stability of the network.
After that, we will continuously invest into hardware expansion and we plan to add backup nodes to the main server in different regions in the world.
As well, to ensure security and stability our servers will have failover scripts and Anti-DdoS.
We also plan to add backup nodes to the main server in different regions in the world.

12. Servers location

Our servers are located in Europe: Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

13. Servers types

Cloud and bare machines.

14. Servers configuration

For the main node our server are expected to have the following configuration:
20 cores/40 threads 256GB RAM 2x2TB located in Germany
For the backup nodes we have the following configuration:
8 cores/16 threads 32GB RAM 2x240GB located in Netherlands
Also, we have a running testable node with the following configuration:
4 cores 6GB RAM 30GB SSD located in United Kingdom

15. Budget expenses

Our estimated expenditure budget before 26th June is 25k$, which includes hardware expenses for testable and main nodes, administration and organizing our first meetup.
After 26th June we planned our rewards distribution as follows:
These percentages will be periodically reviewed based on TRX price. We will be transparent with the TRON community and we will announce this kind of changes early enough.